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What is site clearing?



Site clearing is the process of removing all elements of a land area that obstructs the process of construction. It is the first step in any construction project. Site clearing affects every factor from planning to building permits as well as the safety of the project – but equally important is doing it in a way that minimises the impact on the land.

What is cleared from the site?


The vegetation you’ll need to clear from the site includes trees, bushes, and anything with a large root system – these will often get in the way of the foundations of your project and any cement work happening around them. For the bigger trees – cut them down to their stumps, remove the stumps, then remove the roots. Smaller trees and bushes can often be ripped out with an excavator all in one go. Try removing the smaller vegetation first, as that can clear up space to get the equipment in to fell the larger trees.


Rocky terrain can hinder any construction project, especially when large rocks are present in the soil. Excavators with bucket and hammer attachments can help remove these.

Refuse and Debris

Refuse and debris not only includes rubbish and landfill but also abandoned buildings or infrastructure that need to be demolished or taken out of the ground.

When using a previous landfill, ensure the soil covering over the landfill has been flattened and contoured to prevent erosion and don’t expose the landfill underneath. Consider how deep you need your foundations over the landfill and whether the soil over it is deep and strong enough to support them. Remove all rubbish from the surface of the site.

Clearing previous infrastructure, buildings or foundations from the site may create some weak points where your foundations might fail. Ensure all weak points are filled with clay before you begin building.

How do I get a site clearing permit?

Area Permits

Area permits apply to owners of the land, people likely to become the landowners or have written authority to clear the land. With an area permit, you can clear any land area specified on the permit for an extended period of time (usually 2 years).

Purpose Permits

Purpose permits apply to land clearers who don’t own the land but have written permission to clear it.

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